Biodynamic Growing Chart

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7 1/8" x 10 1/4"
Laminated card
  • Biodynamic Growing Chart
  • Biodynamic Growing Chart
  • Biodynamic Growing Chart
  • Biodynamic Growing Chart


Biodynamic Growing Chart

Have you heard the term “Biodynamic” and wondered what it means?

Biodynamics is the study of physical motion or dynamics in living systems, including the method of organic farming involving the observation of lunar phases and planetary cycles, among other factors.

The basis of biodynamic growing is outlined in this handy laminated chart that you can carry with you to learn and understand more of this alternative but often highly effective method of gardening. It is easy to read and understand this different agricultural viewpoint.

One side shows the difference between the common analytical view and the direct experience view, as well as the holistic environment in which a plant grows, not just the soil and sun exposure. The dual forces of earth and sun are explained, along with a solar season chart for both northern and southern hemispheres.

The flip side graphic shows the effect of the moon in its different phases upon the earth and plants and what is happening in both during these times. The bottom show the solar year in seasons alongside the moon month and the effect during the quarters of the moon from new to full.

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