Favorite Pickles and Relishes by Andrea Chesman

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Andrea Chesman
32 pages
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Favorite Pickles and Relishes

Whether sweetly piquant, mouth-puckering sour, or flaming hot and pungent, pickles and relishes bring zest to the table. They enliven mundane meals, brighten salads, add panache to picnics and potluck suppers, and provide very special gifts.

With modern methods, it takes just a few hours in the kitchen to transform the seasonal bounty of your garden into a year-round source of pickled delicacies.

Most of the recipes are for fresh-pack pickles; produce prepared and packed raw into jars. Also included are recipes for traditional brined pickles; the ones you used to find in big crocks at the general store.

Table of Contents

  • Ingredients
  • Equipment
  • Canners
  • Pickling Tips
  • Recipes

From the soil to the seed to the food you eat - we'll help you grow your best garden!

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