Jack Be Little Pumpkin Seeds - (Cucurbita pepo)

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Seed Count:
Approx 25 seeds per pack
Days to Maturity:
85-110 days
3-8 oz
Days to Germination:
5-10 days @ 70F
Plant Spacing:
Soil Requirements:
Warm, well-drained
Light Preference:
Full sun
Heirloom, Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO seeds
  • Jack Be Little Pumpkin - (Cucurbita pepo)
  • Jack Be Little Pumpkin - (Cucurbita pepo)
  • Jack Be Little Pumpkin - (Cucurbita pepo)
  • Jack Be Little Pumpkin - (Cucurbita pepo)
  • Jack Be Little Pumpkin - (Cucurbita pepo)

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Jack Be Little Pumpkin - Little Sweetie Pumpkin

Small but very vigorous vines that produce 8 to 20 delightful miniature pumpkins per plant. Baby pumpkins are 2" tall and 3-6" in diameter, weighing 3-8 oz each, these flattened deeply ribbed fruits have deep orange-red rind and flesh.

Their smaller size carries over to the growing space as well. Grows well on fences, trellises or in pots from balconies or decks. Easily trained to grow up a fence or trellis.


Scrumptious baked, just cut the cap off, scrape out the seeds, season, re-cap and bake. Serve individual mini-pumpkins to your dinner guests who will be impressed with the novelty and flavor! They are delicious, but used mostly as seasonal decorations.

Storage life is up to 12 months when cured fully on the vine. Storage is easy - let them hang out on your counter, porch or pantry until you are ready to decorate or eat them. 

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