Thyme, Rock Seeds - (Acinos alpinus)

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Seed Count:
Approx 50 seeds per pack
Days to Germination:
2-4 weeks
Light Preference:
Full sun
Soil Requirements:
Well-drained soil
Plant Spacing:
Heirloom, Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO seeds
  • Rock Thyme flowers and leaves  - (Acinos alpinus)
  • Rock Thyme flowers and leaves  - (Acinos alpinus)
  • Rock Thyme flowers and leaves  - (Acinos alpinus)
  • Rock Thyme Heirloom Seeds  - (Acinos alpinus)
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Rock Thyme

Closely related to Thyme, this plant has dense, cushiony mats of wide spreading, deep evergreen foliage made of masses of tiny green leaves. The compact, low growing mounds sport clusters of very attractive, dainty bright pink to purple flowers which bloom June to October. The petite round leaves remain green all summer. Beautiful, edible, hardy ground-cover that's  seldom seen, but easy-to-grow perennial that does well in poor soils. Also known as Alpine Calamint.


Both a landscape and culinary plant, rock thyme is a low maintenance perennial ground cover with a fine texture that excels in attracting bees and butterflies to the masses of flowers it puts out. This alpine variety has leaves which are succulent in cooked dishes and also make a delicious tea.

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