Salad Bar Seed Collection

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Heirloom, Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO seeds
  •  Salad Bar Collection
  •  Salad Bar Collection - Bull's Blood Beet
  •  Salad Bar Collection - Flat Leaf Parsley
  •  Salad Bar Collection - Garlic Chive
  •  Salad Bar Collection - Oak Leaf Lettuce
  •  Salad Bar Collection - Saint Anne's Slow-Bolting Lettuce
  •  Salad Bar Collection - Rainbow Swiss Chard
  •  Salad Bar Collection - Red Malabar Spinach
  •  Salad Bar Collection - Red Russian Kale
  •  Salad Bar Collection - Grow Supper Salad Greens


Salad Bar Seed Collection

Garden greens are easy to grow, produce a maximum amount of food in a small space and makes for a nutritious meal. For much less than what you’d spend on a week’s supply of veggies from the grocery store, you can grow a season-long supply of fresh greens, with plenty left for sharing.

Start growing your own salad bar today! Greens are a nutritional bargain, being low in calories but very rich in vitamins and minerals. Learn how to get started producing much more food from a smaller space than you thought possible.

Included in this collection is the book "Grow Super Salad Greens" by Nancy Bubel AND the following eight seed packets

  • Bull's Blood Beet (Approx 150 seeds per pack)
  • Flat Leaf Parsley (Approx 100 seeds per pack)
  • Garlic Chive (Approx 250 seeds per pack)
  • Oak Leaf Lettuce (Approx 200 seeds per pack)
  • Saint Anne’s Slow-Bolting Lettuce (Approx 200 seeds per pack)
  • Rainbow Swiss Chard (Approx 100 seeds per pack)
  • Red Malabar Spinach (Approx 50 seeds per pack)
  • Red Russian Kale (Approx 200 seeds per pack)
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