Salad Bar Seed Collection

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Heirloom, Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO seeds
  •  Salad Bar Collection
  • Salad Bar Collection - Garlic Chives
  • Salad Bar Collection - Flat Leaf Parsley
  • Salad Bar Collection - Sweet & Spicy Greens Mix
  • Salad Bar Collection - Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce
  • Salad Bar Collection - Gourmet Radish Blend
  • Salad Bar Collection - Rainbow Swiss Chard
  • Salad Bar Collection - Grow Super Salad Greens

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Salad Bar Seed Collection - Grow The Best Salad You'll Ever Have

A good mixed salad is appealing to both the eyes and taste buds, satisfying your appetite with great nutrition. Great salads have a mix of leaf types, shapes, and colors with an herb or two tucked in for added flavor and interest.

The absolute best salad you’ll ever have is home-grown and fresh-picked just minutes before, and we’ve made it easy for you to grow – no matter if it’s spring, summer or fall; or whether you’ve got a traditional row garden, raised beds, or just a small spot on a balcony for a couple of containers.

We’ve hand-picked our favorite flavors to mix and match for almost endless combinations of color, texture, and flavor that will keep you coming back for more! All of these seeds grow well from early spring through mid-fall, and even the lettuce will keep growing sweetly if you give it some shade, as we show in Grow Your Lettuce Longer.

Garden greens are easy to grow, produce a maximum amount of food in a small space and make for a nutritious meal. For much less than what you’d spend on a week’s supply of veggies from the grocery store, you can grow a season-long supply of fresh greens, with plenty left for sharing.

Start growing your own salad bar today! Greens are a nutritional bargain, being low in calories but very rich in vitamins and minerals. Learn how to get started producing much more food from a smaller space than you thought possible. 

Included in this collection is the book "Grow Super Salad Greens" by Nancy Bubel AND the following six seed packets

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From the soil to the seed to the food you eat - we'll help you grow your best garden!

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