Salsa Seed Collection

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Heirloom, Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO seeds
  • Salsa Collection
  • Salsa Collection - Jalapeño M Hot Pepper
  • Salsa Collection - Serrano Tampiqueno Pepper
  • Salsa Collection - Italian Roma Tomato
  • Salsa Collection - Tomatillo Verde
  • Salsa Collection - Slow Bolting Cilantro
  • Salsa Collection - Sweet Marjoram
  • Salsa Collection - Salsas! Book

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Salsa Seed Collection

Strictly speaking, salsa simply means sauce in Spanish. Today we think of it as the magically addictive combination of tomatoes, chiles, onion, garlic, and spices that we devour with tortilla chips, slather on eggs, nachos or quesadillas, or a hundred other dishes that simply come alive with salsa!

After sharing several of our salsa recipes, we were asked to create a salsa garden from seeds with flexibility in flavors and heat, allowing one small planting to grow both tomato and tomatillo based salsas that could be roasted, fresh, or cooked and canned.

We pulled out our favorite recipe books and go-to salsa recipes that we had scribbled on and made notes for. After reviewing all of them for core elements and flavors, we pulled together this seed collection. These six seed packets will grow taste and heat that can be used by themselves or combined with fresh roasted sweet corn to create salsa to die for!

Served cold, canned or roasted hot off the grill, salsa can easily become very addictive. We present a foundation of ingredients that can easily be grown in your garden and will impress you and amaze your family and friends at the depth and breadth of flavors you can grow.

When we make our fresh roasted salsa that has home-grown grilled corn for friends, there are never leftovers – even when we make a double batch, hoping to have some for ourselves! 

Included in this collection is the following book "Salsas!" by Glenn Andrews AND the following six seed packets:

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