Daffodil 'King Alfred' Bulbs - (Trumpet Narcissus)

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Golden Yellow
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  • Daffodil 'King Alfred' Bulbs - (Trumpet Narcissus)
  • Daffodil 'King Alfred' Bulbs - (Trumpet Narcissus)
  • Daffodil 'King Alfred' Bulb - (Trumpet Narcissus)
  • Daffodil 'King Alfred' Bulbs - (Trumpet Narcissus)
  • Daffodil 'King Alfred' Bulbs - (Trumpet Narcissus)
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Daffodil 'King Alfred' Bulbs - (Trumpet Narcissus) 

King Alfred is possibly the most widely grown of all yellow daffodils. Raised since 1890, it is a classic cultivar but its name has been loosely applied over the years and some authorities consider the original variety may be extinct. But no matter, these golden yellow beauties are still a keepsake in your garden and grow tall at 16".

Trumpet Narcissus

The trumpet (cup) is at least as long as the petals, and there is one flower per stem.

Growing Conditions

  • Plant in full sun or under deciduous trees where they will receive sun in the early spring.
  • Planting depth will vary depending on the size of the bulb. Plant so that the nose is covered to twice the height of the bulb.


  • Blooms from mid-winter to early summer.
  • Daffodils make excellent cut flowers. For the longest vase life pick daffodils when the buds are about to burst open.


  • If you have good drainage, bulbs can be left in the ground and clumps can be divided after flowering every three years or so. 
  • Daffodils are deer resistant. 

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