Paperwhites 'Ziva' Bulbs - (Tazetta Narcissus)

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  • Paperwhites 'Ziva' Bulbs - (Tazetta Narcissus)
  • Paperwhites 'Ziva' Bulbs - (Tazetta Narcissus)
  • Paperwhites 'Ziva' Bulbs - (Tazetta Narcissus)
  • Paperwhites 'Ziva' Bulbs - (Tazetta Narcissus)
  • Paperwhites 'Ziva' Bulbs - (Tazetta Narcissus)
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Paperwhites 'Ziva' Bulbs - (Tazetta Narcissus)

Paperwhites are one of the most popular and widely known bulbs, producing beautifully graceful, crisp white flowers. Small, delicate, star-like petals surround an exquisite upright trumpet. Their beauty and ethereal fragrance have captivated the world over. The strongest-scented narcissus, their incredible fragrance fills the home for weeks.

Often grown indoors and associated with blooming at Christmas, Paperwhites can bring the beauty of spring indoors for the winter months. Grow outdoors in mild climates, or indoors during the winter anywhere to brighten and perfume your room. Paperwhites prefer full sun – they will grow in light shade but develop stronger stems in brighter light.

Plant outdoors in mild winter climates from September through December – they are pretty tough and will tolerate soil temperatures from 100°F down to around 40°F. Soak the soil well after planting, and your bulbs will begin growing roots in just a few days with buds and blooms appearing in late winter to early spring.

For indoor growing, paperwhites only need about 3 inches of room for their roots, making them ideal for showing them off in shallow containers like decorative glass or ceramic bowls. Fill the container with just enough potting soil to hold the bulbs and plant them almost touching for a dramatic display. Leave the top half inch of the bulb above the soil line – you can add decorative pebbles, tumbled glass drops, or marbles for effect. Water just enough to keep the roots moist at the bottom, as you don’t want to soak the entire bulb. 

Place in a brightly lit area and watch the roots appear in a week or two, with the tops starting to sprout shortly after. Buds and blooms will emerge in a few weeks.

Tazetta Narcissus

This group of narcissus is half hardy with very fragrant flowers in clusters of 10 or more per stem. Very early flowering.

Growing Conditions

  • Indoors - plant 5 bulbs in a 6" pot or vase. Place in a warm, sunny location. It can take 3-6 weeks for blooming from the time of planting depending on the temperature. If you stagger the planting times, you can have continuous blooms.
  • Paperwhites are a more tropical bulb so they grow well indoors, but you can plant the bulbs outside after they bloom or if you live in a mid winter climate. It may take a few years to develop new flowers if you transplant out after blooming.


  • Blooms from mid-winter to early spring.


  • Don't over water.

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2 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Susan on Dec 25th 2018

    I bought and received a few lots of paperwhites from different suppliers this year. These were the best. Large bulbs, good growth on strong stems and lots of blooms.

  • 5
    Ziva Paperwhites

    Posted by Doris Prince on Dec 8th 2018

    These paper whites are strong and bright we love their beauty!!! Every bulb grew quickly!!!

    We get complements on their beautiful blossoms!

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