Snowdrop Bulbs - (Galanthus nivalis)

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  • Snowdrop Bulbs -(Galanthus nivalis)
  • Snowdrop Bulbs -(Galanthus nivalis)
  • Snowdrop Bulbs -(Galanthus nivalis)
  • Snowdrop Bulbs -(Galanthus nivalis)
  • Snowdrop Bulbs - (Galanthus nivalis)
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Snowdrops Bulbs - (Galanthus nivalis)

The true harbinger of spring, snowdrops are among the first flowers to appear in late winter, often pushing right up through the snow – hence their names. They are well loved for flowering while conditions are still very bleak.  

Plants grow 4-5" tall and the nodding flowers have three long, pure white petals and three shorter ones marked with a bright green horseshoe shape. Their blossoms resemble tiny, alabaster pearls, each bloom dangling from a tiny stem, swaying on the slightest breeze. A patch in full bloom looks like fairies dancing in the dappled shade. 

Perennial in all but the warmest winters, they are tough-as-nails and don’t need coddling, with the added bonus of being deer resistant. 

Snowdrops are perfectly suited for that half-wild, partially shaded area that is difficult to work with. Often taking a year to become fully established, they usually reward your patience with a light bloom the first year, developing into thicker patches with fuller blooms each successive season. Crocuses are ideal companions, as they both are early bloomers and the colors complement each other. 

Just because they are independent doesn’t mean they aren’t civilized – they are just as happy in a barrel or large planter as under a tree.

Growing Conditions

  • Grows best in shade or dappled sunlight.
  • Plant bulbs in fall 3-4" deep and about 3-4" apart


  • Flowering from winter through spring.
  • Flowers can be cut for indoor decoration, to bring a little light to the long winter days.


  • Snowdrops resent well-intentioned meddling, being dug up and moved around. But left alone, they will increase by offsets for decades. If you need to move them, do so as soon as the flowers have faded, do not leave the plants out of the soil any longer than necessary.
  • Snowdrops are deer resistant. 

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