Seed Guarantee

Our Seed Guarantee

We sell only the highest quality seed that has been carefully grown, selected, picked and packed for you. We guarantee that the seeds will germinate for six months from the purchase date, if you follow the individual seed packets growing instructions. 

If you have problems with seed germination not due to the weather, gardening abilities or animals, we will gladly work with you to determine the cause and send replacement seeds if necessary. If the underlying problems affecting the seeds germination are not corrected, you won't have any better results with new seed than the first time! Specific planting information is needed to help us diagnose and help correct the reasons for poor germination. Typically when there are challenges in germination, there are a few main reasons – temperature, soil moisture levels and timing. Please read our article on germination from a seed’s point of view  - Starting Seeds at Home – a Deeper Look.

Please give us specific information about your germination problems; we are here to help! The more detailed information you can provide (planting time, depth, soil moisture, soil temperature, weather conditions, etc.), the better we can help you.

Limitation of Remedy: Terroir Seeds LLC is limited to the purchase price of the seeds, regardless of the nature, cause or extent of loss arising out of the purchase or use of its seeds.

Buyer’s sole and exclusive remedy shall be limited to a refund of amounts paid for seeds. In no event shall Terroir Seeds LLC be liable for consequential damages. By placing an order and accepting a product, Buyer agrees to the above terms and conditions.

Safe Seed Pledge
We pledge that we do not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants. We were one of the first signers of the Safe Seed Pledge.

Seed Information
All our seeds are Non-GMO, NON-Treated, Open-Pollinated and Heirloom varieties. We carry many Certified Organic seeds, please check the website or call for those varieties that are Certified Organic.