Cauliflower was first described in Pliny’s Natural History – descriptions of cultivated plants of the time. Related to cabbage, broccoli, and other brassicas, Arab botanists in the 12th century thought it originated on Cyprus. Its name is derived from the Italian caoli fiori, meaning “cabbage flower”.

Cauliflower needs fertile soil, full sun and steady moisture to grow large, delicious heads that are high in vitamin C. Prefers cooler temperatures and will not develop properly in hot or dry weather.

  • Romanesco Broccoli - (Brassica oleracea)
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    Romanesco Broccoli Seeds (Brassica oleracea)

    Romanesco Broccoli - Beautiful Spiraling Heads A very unique type of broccoli, with beautiful spiraling apple-green head. Widely grown in northern Italy, it has superb taste and texture than the finest broccoli. Grows more like a cauliflower plant...