Seed Collections

Seed Collections

  • Aromatherapy Garden Heirloom Seed Collection
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    Aromatherapy Garden Seed Collection

    Aromatherapy Garden Seed Collection Aromatherapy is the holistic approach of using natural aromatic plants and their fragrances to foster well-being, enhancing both physical and emotional health. It works to unify physiological, psychological and...
  • Backyard Chickens Collection
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    Backyard Chickens Collection

    Backyard Chickens Collection Many home gardeners have backyard chickens and want to grow some food for them but don't know how to get started. We created the Backyard Chickens Collection after coaching several clients in growing their chicken's feed...
  • Beginning Gardeners Collection
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    Beginning Gardeners Collection

    Beginning Gardeners Collection Are you new to gardening or just new to heirlooms and just don’t know what seeds to buy and grow? Do you need a collection of tried and true seeds that are easy to grow and harvest? These varieties are well known...
  • Butterfly Garden Collection
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    Butterfly Garden Seed Collection

    Butterfly Garden Seed Collection This collection is a great way to attract butterflies and pollinators to your garden. Pollinators are an important part of your garden’s ecosystem. More flowers attract more pollinators giving you the benefits of...
  • Classic Vegetable Seed Collection - Red Brandywine Tomato
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    Classic Vegetable Seed Collection

    Classic Vegetable Seed Collection A great place to start a garden growing! Don't know what to choose, we have assembled this seed collection to get you the most variety and flavors. Included in this collection is the following eight seed...
  • Cool Season Greens Collection - Tatsoi Mustard
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    Cool Season Greens Seed Collection

    Cool Season Greens Seed Collection – Fast-Growing Delectable Tastes The thought of a cooler season usually brings to mind Fall and the return of fresh, crisp greens after what seems like forever. No more wilted, bolted, bitter lettuce or spinach!...
  • Cool Season Roots Collection
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    Cool Season Roots Seed Collection

    Cool Season Roots Seed Collection Under the ground, these root vegetables, keep on getting sweeter as the days turn cooler. Root crops can grow for a much longer period of time. Some will over-winter with a little added mulch-straw, giving you...
  • Four Sisters Garden Seed Collection
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    Four Sisters Garden Seed Collection

    Four Sisters Garden Seed Collection Native American agriculture is well-known for the “Three Sisters” approach of corn, beans and squash supporting, protecting and nourishing each other. Several other crops were very important in Native...
  • Gourmet Lettuce Starter Pack
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    Gourmet Lettuce Seeds Starter Pack

    Gourmet Lettuce Seeds Starter Pack For those who don’t know where to start with heirloom lettuces, or those who want to explore more and need some guidance. Our hand-selected starter pack includes six of the easiest to grow and most productive...
  • Little Gem Lettuce
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    Hot Climate Cool Season Garden Seed Collection

    Hot Climate Cool Season Garden Seed Collection If you live in a long season, hot climate like Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, south Florida or along the Gulf Coast, this is a perfect selection of seeds for jump-starting your cool season garden...
  • Hummingbird Garden Collection
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    Hummingbird Garden Seed Collection

    Hummingbird Garden Seed Collection Hummingbirds are one of the most ethereal and captivating creatures known. From their diminutive size and dazzling beauty to their status as objects of affection and worship, hummingbirds have enthralled us for...
  • Kitchen Herb Collection
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    Kitchen Herb Seed Collection

    Kitchen Herb Seed Collection This is the easiest way to start growing one of the most useful and rewarding gardens you can grow – your own herb garden! Herbs are truly the “Seven Wonders of the World” in the kitchen, turning ordinary...
  •  Salad Bar Collection
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    Salad Bar Seed Collection

    Salad Bar Seed Collection Garden greens are easy to grow, produce a maximum amount of food in a small space and makes for a nutritious meal. For much less than what you’d spend on a week’s supply of veggies from the grocery store, you can...
  • Salsa Collection
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    Salsa Seed Collection

    Salsa Seed Collection Strictly speaking, salsa simply means sauce in Spanish. Today we think of it as the magically addictive combination of tomatoes, chiles, onion, garlic and spices that we devour with tortilla chips, slather on eggs, nachos or...
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    Sprouting 101 Collection

    Sprouting 101 Collection

    Sprouting 101 Collection Intrigued by sprouts and the ability to grow nutrient dense fresh vegetables in days instead of weeks? Don't quite know where to begin? No real space to garden, but want to grow some healthy food, anytime of year, regardless of...
  • Time for Tea Collection
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    Time for Tea Seed Collection

    Time for Tea Seed Collection Growing an herbal tea garden can be one of the greatest gardening rewards, and can be just as therapeutic as drinking the tea. The tea garden is a sensory delight, producing colors, aromas and flavors to enjoy...
  • Tomato Lover's Collection
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    Tomato Lover's Seed Collection

    Tomato Lover's Seed Collection Offering a nice introduction to the amazing variety of homegrown heirloom tomatoes, this collection showcases the rich, varied and unique flavors that gained heirloom tomatoes their dedicated following. Whether you want to...
  • Ultimate Grain Collection
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    Ultimate Grain Seed Collection

    Ultimate Grain Seed Collection The Ultimate Grains Collection is the easiest growing, tried and true grains to get started with. They are ideally suited for the home gardener as they need no specialized equipment to sow, harvest or process and give...