Widger Stainless Steel Seedling Tool

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6 3/4" long, double ended
  • Widger Stainless Steel Seedling Tool
  • Widger Stainless Steel Seedling Tool
  • Widger Stainless Steel Seedling Tool
  • Widger Stainless Steel Seedling Tool

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Widger Stainless Steel Seedling Tool - Superbly Handy

The Widger is a perfectly elegant yet invaluable little stainless steel tool for planting seeds as well as pricking out and transplanting tiny seedlings. Its unique convex shape is ideal for delicately separating seedlings – without damage – and dibbling holes for those seedlings in larger cells. Offering great control and a choice of scoop size for transplanting, it makes sowing and growing so much easier.

Our original Widger is almost 25 years old, and we spent several years searching for a company that still makes them the right way – from thick, sturdy stainless steel with one end slightly smaller and curved just enough to hold even the tiniest seeds with confidence. They are strong enough to not bend but sized right to fit in your hand without fatigue during long transplanting sessions.

The curve of the tool is just right to use as a channel to load with seeds and drop them individually into their holes with just a slight tap of your finger. It also makes an extremely handy and accurate little weeding tool.

This tool is indispensable for easing delicate seedlings out of plug flats or small pots and containers for transplanting. Just slip it in between the growing plug and the tray cell and it pops right out. The curved support helps avoid damaging delicate young plants – especially those all-important root systems – while transplanting, enabling more of your seedlings to thrive.

Often described as “the most useful device in transplanting seedlings” to gardening friends, several of our customers have said, “I could not imagine being without one so I have two!”

Perfectly sized to open up planting-holes in the potting mix prior to transplanting.

It’s amazing how much difference a small tool like this can make! An all-around great tool to have with your propagation supplies. 

6 3/4" long, double-ended. Stainless steel construction means it’s easy to clean and sterilize.

Click on the Video link – above – to watch the short video below and see how it works! 


Our greenhouse customer buys them in batches of 10 to ease tiny seedlings out of their starter cells to transplant into bigger pots, as they avoid damaging the soil structure or roots, resulting in hardier, healthier plants for sale. 

Cindy draws the small end through the soil, creating a perfectly sized tiny trench in which to plant smaller seeds like radish or beets.

It is the right size for small weeding in and around tender seedlings - works equally well in trays and pots as well as the garden itself. 

One of our customers uses it as a mechanical fingernail to open pop-top lids or remove stickers or price tags. 

From the soil to the seed to the food you eat - we'll help you grow your best garden!

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4 Reviews

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    Perfect tool for transplanting seedlings.

    Posted by Coco Pierre on Dec 05, 2020

    I collect seeds and propagate them as a hobby. The seedlings are often very small and get transplanted into plug trays. The Widger is the perfect tool for moving small seeds, transplanting tiny seedlings into plug trays, and to remove plugs from the trays when the roots have developed. For this last job I use two Widgers like chopsticks.

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    So useful

    Posted by Gia K. on Jun 18, 2020

    I just got this thing today, but I already give it 5 stars. It's so sturdy, and it helps ease the little seedlings out and into their new environment :)

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    Widger Tool

    Posted by Nate on Jun 24, 2019

    This is a tool of many uses! Sure, it's great for seedlings, but it can be use to prying, poking, and prodding, too! For someone who is fingernail challenged, it's an essential pocket item!

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    Stainless Steel WIdger

    Posted by Charlene Mason on Jul 14, 2018

    I love this little tool. Perfect for my succulents.

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