Yellow Stuttgarter Onion Bulbs - (Allium cepa)

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  • Yellow Stuttgarter Onion Bulbs - (Allium cepa)
  • Yellow Stuttgarter Onion Bulbs - (Allium cepa)
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Yellow Stuttgarter Onion Bulbs

Yellow Stuttgarter is the standard by which all yellow onions are judged. Its medium-sized flattened globe-shaped bulbs are about 3 inches in diameter with light brown skin and yellow-white flesh. It is grown as a green onion in the fall and mature bulbing onions in the spring in colder climates. It also does well in warmer climates as a tasty green onion, known as scallions or a shallot substitute.

Yellow onions store the longest of any of the colors. They have the strongest flavor and are usually cooked, adding their flavors to the dish.

Their flavor is moderately assertive or sometimes pungent when raw and deeply sweet and complex when cooked or especially caramelized. Yellow onions are endlessly versatile in recipes.

Yellow onions are the biggest in flavor and assertiveness, bolder than whites and much stronger than reds or sweets.

Most commercial onions found in stores are hybrids with less flavor than the older heirloom, open pollinated types. Hybridization has focused on production, ability to withstand transport and size; ignoring flavor. Once you taste your home-grown onions, you’ll understand why these are prized and handed down from one generation to another!

Long day variety – needs 14 to 16 hours of daylight to form good sized bulbs. Grows best in northern US states. 

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These are ready to plant sets, also called bulbs and not seeds or slips. 

Each 1/2 lb. order is approximately 55 – 65 bulbs.

U.S. shipping only, Cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Washington or Idaho

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