Bloomsdale Spinach Seeds - (Spinacia oleracea)

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Seed Count:
Approx 100 seeds per pack
Days to Maturity:
39-60 days
Cool season
Days to Germination:
6-15 days at 55-70F
Light Preference:
6-8 hours of full sun
Plant Spacing:
Heirloom, Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO seeds
  • Bloomsdale Spinach - (Spinacia oleracea)
  • Bloomsdale Spinach - (Spinacia oleracea)
  • Bloomsdale Spinach - (Spinacia oleracea)
  • Bloomsdale Spinach Seeds  - (Spinacia oleracea)

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Bloomsdale Spinach - The Long Standing Spinach

Early, glossy dark green, savoyed leaves are exceptionally tender and richly flavorful. Bloomsdale can be sown in spring or fall, plants are vigorous, upright and slow to bolt in hot weather.  Also known as Long Standing Spinach it was introduced by the D. Landreth Seed Company in 1826, and is the most popular home gardener spinach sold.


Spinach was probably bred from Spinacia tetranda, a wild edible green found in Nepal. In 647 AD spinach was taken from Nepal to China where it was referred to as the “Persian green.” Spinach was introduced by the Moors of North Africa to Spain in the 11th century. By the Middle Ages, spinach was grown and sold throughout the rest of Europe, and in England was known as the “Spanish vegetable.” It was not until the 1400’s that spinach became a staple in Mediterranean cooking.


A great lettuce replacement in salads and add a depth of flavor when topped on pizzas or lasagna. Leaves are eaten fresh in salads or are cooked. Spinach can be used in soups, quiches, tarts, stuffing's, souffles and gratins. 

Growing Tip

You can harvest spinach two different ways.

  1. Cut the outside leaves, letting the centers keep producing. 
  2. Cut the whole plant just at soil level, like a head of lettuce.

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