Lavender Spa Collection

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  • Lavender Spa Collection
  • Lavender Spa Collection
  • Lavender Spa Collection
  • Lavender Spa Collection


Lavender Spa Collection – Treat Yourself Every Day

Our daily lives demand a lot from us gardeners – work, family, and friends sometimes leave seemingly no time for ourselves. A break would be nice, but a day at the spa just doesn’t seem possible right now.

You know that even a few minutes of soothing, calming relaxation works wonders, leaving you refreshed, calmer, and with a quieter mind, but how to work that into your busy schedule?

Start with something you do every day, like bathing, and make it more. The body sponge, nail brush, and lavender soap leave you scrubbed and squeaky clean without your skin feeling dry, itchy, or parched. The specially designed body sponge doubles the lather from our handmade, organic lavender soap giving you a luxurious cleansing experience. Add a small dollop of our lavender Shea butter to your hot bath water for a luxuriously aromatic soak that feeds, heals, and soothes your skin. You’ll emerge feeling rejuvenated.

Massage a tiny amount of the lavender Shea butter into your skin to heal and moisturize any time of day. The light lavender scent calms and soothes each time you catch a whiff and your skin will feel better even at the end of the day.  

The lavender essential oil roll-on tucks into your purse, wallet, or pocket and goes with you. Uncap it and breathe in the calming aroma that balances and renews you anytime you need a break or dab it on the inside of your wrist or base of the neck for longer lasting effects.

Getting away to the spa for the day may not be possible right now, but you can bring the relaxation, calming, and healing into your daily life, giving you those benefits every day.

Included in this collection:

  • Hydro body sponge
  • Lavender aromatherapy roll-on
  • Handmade organic lavender soap - 4 oz. bar
  • 100% Pure Shea butter with Lavender – 4 oz. jar
  • Gardeners Favorite Nail brush

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