Cool Season Greens Seed Collection

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Heirloom, Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO seeds
  • Cool Season Greens Collection - Rocket Arugula
  • Cool Season Greens Collection - Lacinato Kale
  • Cool Season Greens Collection - Giant Nobel Spinach
  • Cool Season Greens Collection - Rainbow Swiss Chard
  • Cool Season Greens Collection - Tatsoi Mustard
  • Cool Season Greens Collection - Corn Salad

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Cool Season Greens Seed Collection – Fast-Growing Delectable Tastes

The thought of a cooler season usually brings to mind Fall and the return of fresh, crisp greens after what seems like forever. No more wilted, bolted, bitter lettuce or spinach! Abandon the limp and insipid store-bought greens for something far better.  

Just the thought of biting into soft-yet-crunchy Mache or the sweet crispness of a just-picked leaf of spinach almost makes the wait of hot weather worth it. Almost.

Look forward to the indescribable wholesome green-ness of kale and Swiss chard followed by the spicy bite of arugula leaves in your cool-season salads. Impress your dinner guests with the sophistication of your greens collection, especially when they ask where you got all this and find out you grew it just outside. 

Here are all the seeds you need for an outstanding cool season harvest. These varieties do well when the weather is cooler, either Fall or Spring and some will keep producing all winter long. These are the most popular greens which can be used fresh for a salad, or prepared in a number of different ways. A taste of garden freshness anytime of year!


Rocket Arugula adds a refreshing tangy spiciness to fresh dishes and is perfect for cut-and-come-again, cool-season succession plantings for a continual supply of fresh young leaves until hard frosts.

Lacinato Kale is perhaps the poster child for cool-season growing, yet it can thrive in warmer weather if the soil is kept consistently slightly moist. One of the richest flavors to come out of the garden, its flavor becomes sweeter as the weather cools.

Giant Nobel Spinach is the epitome of fresh, tender, juicy, delicious spinach - especially in cooler weather when it becomes sweeter. The large, crunchy leaves are gently crinkled, perfect for sandwiches, salads, or lightly cooked dishes. Scrumptious folded into an omelette with aged Italian cheese.

Rainbow Swiss Chard is distinguished by its bouquet of wrinkled, slightly savoyed rich green and bronze leaves with beautiful technicolor shades of red, orange, purple, yellow and white stems. The leaves are succulent and tender when young, growing upright and tall from a dense rosette of myriad-colored ribbed stems.

Tatsoi Mustard is related to Chinese cabbage, but like the offbeat, cool cousin that looks exotic but is easy to grow. Very cold tolerant and prolific, tatsoi leaves are crunchy and tender with a mild, sweet flavor with nutty, tangy, and mustard-like nuances that add interest to cool-weather salads. The visually intriguing spoon-shaped leaves have crisp stalks, making it friendly in a number of cuisines and dishes.

Corn Salad/Lambs Lettuce/Mache is quick-growing, perfect for cut-and-come-again harvesting for a continual supply of leaves in cool weather or can be cut whole once the head has filled in. The young leaves are delicate and tender, like butterhead lettuce, but a bit more herbal, while mature leaves are used much like spinach.

Included in this collection is the following six seeds packets:

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    Cool Season Greens Collection

    Posted by Stephanie on Oct 09, 2018

    Planted the seeds and they came right up! Excellent growth, healthy plants, looking forward to some tasty greens!

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