Edible Chrysanthemum Seeds - (Chrysanthemum coronarium)

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Seed Count:
Approx 45 seeds per pack
Short-lived Perennial
Days to Maturity:
35-80 days
Days to Germination:
10-18 days at 60F
Soil Requirements:
Moist, fertile soil
Light Preference:
Full sun
Heirloom, Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO seeds
  • Edible Chrysanthemum - (Chrysanthemum coronarium)
  • Edible Chrysanthemum - (Chrysanthemum coronarium)


Edible Chrysanthemum - The Japanese Greens

Yellow daisy flowers and tangy, nutritious leaves are used as flavoring and as greens, and the florets as a garnish. Also known as Shabu Shabu, Broadleaf, Shungiku and Chop-Suey Greens this is an easily grown addition to the garden. 


Chrysanthemum were part of the Taoist elixir of immortality.


It has a very mild mustard flavor with a crisp, crunchy texture and is used widely in Korean, Chinese and Japanese dishes. It is often used to flavor soups, stews, hot pots and stir-fries. The stalks are mildly sweet and slightly crunchy. The young leaves can be eaten raw or blanched. Used for its special aromatic flavor like an herb. Best eaten raw or lightly cooked to keep the texture and nutrients intact.

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