Native American Recipes with Historical Notes

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Native American Recipes with Historical Notes

North America was once a land of many native cultures, languages and traditions. It is estimated that more than half of the foods known today originated on the North American continent and fed Native Americans. The book showcases recipes and descriptions of traditional methods for preparing breads, soups & stews, meats, vegetables, salmon, desserts and special treats.

Corn, beans and squash were known as the “three sister”, sustaining Native Americans across the entire continent. Whether they lived in sod houses, pueblos, hogans, long-houses or tepees, most tribes relied on these three staples to feed their families, combined with other crops they raised, game they hunted and fruit they gathered.

The entire continent was crisscrossed by a web of trails, with tribes trading foods and other items. Pottery vessels and tightly woven baskets were used for cooking, and foods were dried or smoked to preserve them.

The 51 recipes in this book include foods common to many tribes, such as Fry Bread and Fruit Leather, as well as regional favorites. Succotash is common in modern times, but it originated in the northeast, where the Algonquins planted and cooked corn and beans together. Cranberry Bread and Cream of Chestnut Soup are other recipes adapted from northeastern tribes.

Cherokee Sweet Potato Bread and Choctaw Carrot Bread came from the southeast and Wild Rice and Mushrooms is from Minnesota, where Native Americans still harvest the grain known as wild rice. Buffalo Barley Stew is a Great Plains dish, Salmon Cakes and Poached Salmon originated in the northwest, and several recipes contain the blue cornmeal, peppers and herbs of the southwest.

From soups to sweets, the variety of Native American foods is amazing.

Table of Contents

  • Land of Many Cultures
  • Real American Food
  • Breads
  • The Miracle of Corn
  • Arrowheads
  • Tepee Etiquette
  • Soups and Stews
  • Three Sisters
  • Meats and Vegetables
  • The Anasazi
  • Jerky
  • Salmon
  • Desserts
  • Ancient Ice Cream Treats

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