Sweet Marjoram Seeds - (Origanum majorana)

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Seed Count:
Approx 100 seeds per pack
Tender perennial
Days to Germination:
7-14 days at 70F
Soil Requirements:
Well-drained soil
Light Preference:
Full sun
Plant Spacing:
Heirloom, Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO seeds
  • Sweet Marjoram leaves - (Origanum majorana)
  • Sweet Marjoram leaves - (Origanum majorana)
  • Sweet Marjoram leaves - (Origanum majorana)
  • Bee feeding on Sweet Marjoram blossoms - (Origanum majorana)
  • Sweet Marjoram blossoms - (Origanum majorana)
  • Sweet Marjoram Heirloom Seeds - (Origanum majorana)

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Sweet Marjoram - The Herb of Grace

Sweet Marjoram leaves have a sweeter, spicier taste than the leaves of oregano. It is a popular culinary herb used in salads, sauces, cheese and in liqueurs, and as part of herbes de Provence along with thyme, tarragon, bay leaf, and parsley. The herb gives a pleasant aromatic flavor to vegetables such as spinach, cauliflower, tomatoes, beans, peas, potato, and carrots.

Sweet marjoram is one of the main additions in sausages, pizza, and in poultry stuffing. Marjoram tea is a popular drink in Mediterranean countries.

It is a somewhat tender perennial, making it an excellent choice for growing in pots that can be moved outside in warmer weather and indoors during the winter to provide a fresh source of sweet aromatic seasonings.

Once you experience all of its flavors fresh-picked, you’ll see what you’ve been missing and wonder why you didn’t grow this before! 


An ancient shrubby tender perennial that grows to about 1' tall with wiry, red-brown stems and downy aromatic gray-green leaves, with tiny white flowers on clustered spikes in summer. Easy to grow either outside or in pots. Use fresh leaves throughout the growing season, main harvest is just before it flowers when the color and flavor is at its peak. Wonderfully aromatic mild oregano flavor with a hint of balsam. 

Modern research shows many phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamins that are beneficial for health and wellness.


The Greeks believed it was precious to Aphrodite, goddess of love, and crowned newlyweds on their wedding day. They made wreaths and garlands from it, believing it as a symbol of peace, harmony, and happiness. William Shakespeare immortalized the attributes of the plant in All's Well that Ends Well calling it "the herb of grace".


In the kitchen, use marjoram with green vegetables, turkey, pork, lamb, or eggs. Use it in herb vinegar's, oils, and butters. Sprinkle a few cut-up leaves of fresh marjoram on lightly buttered whole-wheat toast. Marjoram tea is helpful for tension headaches and minor digestive upsets. Has mildly antiseptic properties and is good for the skin.

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    For Chefs and Gourmet cooks

    Posted by V Biel, IL on Jul 02, 2017

    This is an herb that all my friends who write cook books and teach cooking classes love and rave about. So I give it to them. I love my true greek oregano, marjoram is very sweet to me and sort of pungent and bland. I know that doesn't make sense, but grow it and see for yourself.

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