Wide Mouth Mason Jar Sprouting Lids - 2 pack

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  • Wide Mouth Mason Jar Sprouting Lids
  • Wide Mouth Mason Jar Sprouting Lids - 2 pack
  • Wide Mouth Mason Jar Sprouting Lids - 2 pack
  • Wide Mouth Mason Jar Sprouting Lids

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Wide Mouth Mason Jar Seed Sprouting Lids - Easy & Safe Sprouting

Sprouts are the hands-down, fastest way to grow tender, delicious, and healthy fresh greens any time of year, regardless of weather, with no soil, sunlight, or space requirements. All you need are about four square inches on a countertop to start - just enough room for a quart jar.

Sprouts are nutritional powerhouses packed with minerals, protein, and amino acids. They contain more nutrients per calorie than any other type of food.

It only takes 4-6 days to sprout smaller seeds or 7-8 days for larger seeds.

Glass mason jars, or any glass wide mouth jar are the perfect sprouting jar for growing sprouts at home because their clear walls allow for abundant light to grow the best sprouts, and can be sterilized in the dishwasher between batches of sprouts.

Our Wide Mouth Mason Jar Seed Sprouting Lids are simply brilliant, making sprouting at home easy. Grow healthy and nutritious sprouts in any size or type of wide-mouth mason jar, from half-pint up to half-gallon batches.

The new, improved plastic sprouting lid mean you only need one screen for sprouting all kinds of sprouting seeds - including bean, alfalfa, mung bean, even broccoli sprouts. The inverted spout makes it easy to fill your jar for rinsing with no splashing. After filling the jar with water, simply turn it upside down, and the perforated jar lid drains easily.


Standing pegs allow the jar to stand upside down for complete drainage, freeing you from holding it and waiting for the excess moisture to drain.

Faceted sides hold smaller jars in place, preventing them from rolling off of the counter.

The sprouting lid is made of durable BPA-free plastic with a silicone gasket so it's completely food safe and long-lasting.

The size and placement of the holes ensure complete drainage and optimal airflow for growing the healthiest sprouts, while keeping smaller seeds contained.

Two lids are included to make sure you never run out of fresh sprouts.

Grow your own sprouts rich in protein, fiber, and vitamins any time of year!

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    Posted by CaliforniaPoppy on Mar 27, 2020

    I hesitated on buying these because they are plastic, and I don't want more plastic stuff. But these lids have been incredibly amazing and useful. What a great invention! One tip is that on the first day, when you soak the seeds in water, do not dump the jar all the way upside down because the seeds haven't had time to expand yet and will fall through the tiny holes. During the Covid19 Shelter in Place, I have been using both lids, for a fresh batch of sprouts twice a week!

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